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When a dental emergencies hit, it is vital to know where you can go for treatment. Fremont Family Dentistry offers unmatched emergency dental services in Fremont and throughout Steuben County. We can diagnose the issue, numb the pain, and ensure your smile is restored. Our team is fully licensed and has years of experience in repairing teeth and keeping smiles looking their best. We’ve dealt with a myriad of dental emergencies over the years, and we always ensure our patients feel as little pain as possible and receive the best dental care in the country.


A dental emergency constitutes the sudden loss of a tooth or experiencing severe pain in your mouth. Whether these conditions are due to a physical altercation, accident, fall, loose crown, or infection, we can expertly resolve the problem with periodontal treatments, root canal therapies, and cosmetic dentistry. We take great pride in offering quality dental work, painless treatments, and compassionate patient care. Don’t spend another minute suffering; call our office for quality care as soon as possible.


Emergency dentistry can mean the difference between missing teeth and a healthy, normal smile. It can save you money by dealing with a small dental issue now, rather than waiting for it to balloon into a major procedure down the road. Emergency dentistry can stop any incessant pain you’re feeling in your mouth and give you peace of mind. If you’ve suffered any physical mishap or are feeling severe pain, visit Fremont Family Dentistry to ensure your smile stays intact and your tooth pain is alleviated. Our team of dental experts will work to make you feel comfortable during your time with us and strive to fix the issue quickly, effectively, and painlessly.


When a filling or crown comes loose, it can cause major discomfort and open your mouth up to infections. Major tooth fractures can expose your teeth’s under-dentin layer and eventually lead to tooth displacement or even a complete loss of your affected teeth. This kind of condition can also do damage to your gums, causing sensitivity and bleeding. If you’ve suffered from a loose filling or crown or a tooth fracture, schedule an appointment with us immediately. We can restore your dental implants, bonding together your damaged teeth to allow your gums to heal. We’ll ensure you feel at ease during the procedure and experience as little pain as possible.


When you’re suffering from major tooth decay and are experiencing excruciating pain, visit our office in Fremont, IN. Tooth decay can stem from poor oral hygiene, gum disease, or even damaged teeth that have not been properly treated or cared for. In some of these instances, root canal therapy may be appropriate for restoring your teeth and destroying the underlying infection. During a root canal, we’ll anesthetize your mouth so you won’t feel any discomfort, and then go about removing the infected tooth pulp with high-speed tools; next, we’ll then seal the tooth and ensure it can handle normal use. Most patients report that root canals offer no more discomfort than a regular filling. Find out more by calling us today!